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Number 16 St James Square has housed a dental practice for more than 30 years. We enjoy an enviable reputation in the community for providing gentle, unhurried and thorough dental care to patients of all ages.

Passionate about preventive dentistry

In the summer of 2011 we became Monmouth Dental Practice, headed by born and bred Monmouth dentist Gareth Jones, who brings with him a fresh and modern approach to dentistry and the very latest in techniques and technology, while providing the same personal service our patients have come to expect.

Better education and medical advances mean that we are now enjoying longer lives – often with most of our own teeth! We know how to look after ourselves properly by eating healthier food, exercising regularly and stopping smoking. We also need to pay extra attention to our teeth to ensure the ones we do have remain strong, healthy and free from pain.
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We use the very latest in technology, such as magnification glasses to examine your teeth with pinpoint accuracy and digital x-rays that use up to 90 per cent less radiation than film x-rays and produce a much higher-quality image. And our up-to-the-minute techniques, for treatments such as placing dental implants and creating natural-looking dentures, mean that your smile needn’t give your age away.

We hope the homely feel of our practice, accompanied by our tight-knit, welcoming team, makes a visit to us a pleasant experience.
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