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Brightening & Whitening

“Whitening treatment has enhanced my confidence. I smile at people quite openly and can now look someone in the eye and smile without hesitation,”
Zoë, Monmouth
Give your confidence a real lift

Boost your smile with tooth whitening

Boost your smile with tooth whitening – one of the easiest, most cost effective and long-lasting ways of giving your smile, and your confidence, a real lift.

Confident, natural smiles boost morale because when we look good, we feel good. We provide 'shade testing' at your routine appointments to let you know the colour of your teeth. The teeth will naturally darken with age and certain foods, and sometimes we don’t even notice how dull they have become!
incredible results

Teeth Whitening in monmouth

Often your teeth could benefit from being brighter. We offer tooth whitening kits complete with ultra-thin, custom-made whitening trays and gels, which can be used in the comfort of your own home. Tooth whitening will really boost your appearance and self-esteem.
Whitening can legally, only be carried out by Dental professionals.
Boosts brightness & whiteness as much as is required for you.
Treatment is safe, fast and comfortable.
Whitening can last up to two years.
Top ups can be carried out at home when required.
Some of our patients have been kind enough to share their experiences with us.
Find out what they have to say here:
smiling lady
minimally invasive dentistry

Single-visit smile solutions

A firm believer in minimally invasive dentistry, Gareth offers composite bonding to his patients in Monmouth, that conserves healthy tooth enamel and naturally strengthens the remaining tooth.

This fast and painless technique is particularly useful when creating less invasive crowns, bridges and reconstructions, closing unsightly gaps and revitalising old or worn teeth, making them whiter. Layers of super-strong and long lasting filling material is perfectly colour-matched with your teeth and built up to look like natural teeth - with amazing results.

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