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Our teeth are designed to last our lifetime – and they will if we look after them properly. We will teach you the best way to care for you and your family’s teeth and gums at home, so that they will remain strong, healthy and cavity-free long into the future.
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Passionate about preventive dentistry

We look at mouths differently and want to encourage our patients to consider their life-long dental wellbeing. Healthy mouths are wonderful. They have less chance of developing gum disease and decay, and cause no pain - meaning you spend less money on keeping them in the pink.

The most important part of your dental care routine is the bit you do at home. To complement your robust dental care routine at home we recommend regular visits every six months to allow us to spot any issues early and deal with them before they become a problem.

The Team

Your dentist, Gareth Jones, is passionate about preventive dentistry and believes that your family deserves clinical excellence, an honest service you can trust, and plenty of time allocated to your appointments.

Place your family’s dental care in our safe hands and we will look after the long-term health of their mouths.

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Monmout's Family Dentist
We enjoy an enviable reputation in the community for providing gentle, unhurried and thorough dental care to patients of all ages.
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